Automatic Electric Press AEP-8T



The new SYNEO AEP-8T is the re-imagined version of the AEP-12T. The maximum force has been reduced from 12 tons to 8 because we have found there is no need for such a high force in today's applications and this reduction improves the force monitor resolution. The PCB size is the same as previously (36"X48") and all of the configurations from the prior machine are still available.


  • Max PCB size 91CM X 122 CM (36" X 48")
  • All electric press, hi-frame design, 8-ton capacity
  • Windows PC control with touchscreen monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • Motorized bottom tool or fixed bottom fixture
  • AEP vision module board locator
  • Full force available through travel
  • Fully automatic board locating and pressing
  • Floating press head
  • Automatic head rotation (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees)
  • Automatic tool changing (22 positions top, 22 positions bottom)
  • Automatic or manual PCB loading
  • Password access control
  • Machine Vision bar code reading and PCB locating
  • Multiple language HMI
  • 16" maximum tool length
  • 16" maximum tool length
  • Press to force or height with error detection
  • Board thickness measurement
  • Improved autoload table width lock
  • 220-240 V 3 phases, 30 A, 50/60 Hz
  • Air 80 psi 6,500 lbs. approximate weight
  • Shipping: 183 CM x 336 CM x 229 CM high, 7,500 lbs

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